Multilingual translation of software and applications

In this era of the Internet and digitization, multilingual translation of software and apps has become an important task for virtually all brands.

Quality localization boosts sales and increase market share. By contrast, poor localization compromises sales, even though your products are the best in the market.

Our Strengths



Integrated translation technology and software engineering


  • Establish customized glossaries of phrases and terms that are continuously updated as references for on-going and future projects.
  • Converting and testing interface languages before completion.
  • World-class software engineering technology


Glossaries of phrases and term bases shared by translators


Software localization involves large volumes of text and it takes multiple translators to timely complete such cases. Thus, inconsistencies could easily occur among such texts.

Shared glossaries of phrases and term bases help our translators create more accurate and consistent translations, preventing troubles for the end users.


24/7/365 Service

By offering 24/7 services round the world, we aim to resolve problems and create value for worldwide customers with zero time difference.

Software Applications

Our Clients

Number of words translated

More than 35 million words

Completed projects

More than 15,000 cases

Clients served

More than 2,000 clients

(Data cover the last 20 years)