Multimedia Subtitling & Voice Dubbing

We have many years of experience in film and television translation, subtitle translation and dubbing, including for TV programs and internal company training videos. We can handle a wide range of multimedia file formats to provide translation, dubbing, and subtitling services.

Our experienced team and state-of-the-art hardware and software ensure you will enjoy professional service possible.

Our Strengths



Professional Transcript Translation


Expert native speakers accurately translate from voice and screen text, add time codes, and then translate.


Integrated solutions


  • Transcription and translation for videos, recordings and scripts
  • Subtitling, voice dubbing, and post-production work
  • Digital video disk output, with encryption if needed
  • Multimedia production for business introduction, product demonstration and marketing purposes
  • Most importantly, we employ only native speakers for voice dubbing and record only in professional recording studios to ensure optimum sound quality


24/7/365 Service

By offering 24/7 services round the world, we aim to resolve problems and create value for worldwide customers with zero time difference.

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Number of words translated

More than 1.86 million words

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More than 9,100 cases

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More than 1,300 clients

(Data cover the last 20 years)