Large-scale Project Management


Large projects often involve massive volume of translation; an error in any one part will require substantial manpower to correct. 

Sticking to procedures is crucial to prevent cost overruns. 

Our Strengths



Project Teams

  • Professional Translators (approximately 3-20 persons depending on project scale)
  • Sales Managers direct and close cooperation with the customers
  • Project Managers to coordinate with the translation team
  • Review team composed of native speakers with more than five years of experience
  • A team of graphic designers specialized in editing software


The 10-30-60 Project Quality Assurance Principle


Our 10-30-60 principle guides PTSGI’s project teams. When conducting large projects, the project team will complete the first 10% before submitting this to the client for an initial check on quality and terminology.

The following 30% of work is carried out based on client feedbacks and suggestions, and returned to the client for further verification and feedback.

The final 60% of the project is finished based on all previous client feedback.


24/7/365 Service

By offering 24/7 services round the world, we aim to resolve problems and create value for worldwide customers with zero time difference.

Software Applications

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