Professional Document Translation

When translating different types of professional documents, the translator must have superior language skills, professional knowledge in a specialized field, and the ability to understand the original text and convert it into another language in a faithful and fluent manner.

PTSGI uses a very strict assessment system to recruit professionals in various fields around the world to satisfy the diverse needs of its clients.

We also have an SOP mechanism to assess translation quality per case to constantly review and develop our translators and ensure optimal quality. We strive for perfection for your translations.


Our Strengths



GTAIS intelligent system combined with AI big data

Careful selection the best matching translators is key to translation quality. We therefore quickly analyze clients’ documents through big data.

Our AI intelligent software identifies the most suitable translators based on their specializations and experience from among the 11,267 translators worldwide that we have gathered in our database, to ensure that translation documents are always sent to the most knowledgeable translation experts for the text concerned.


Strict editing and scoring mechanism


After translation is completed, editing will be performed by a senior editor and then proofread by the project managers. Finally, it is checked again by the sales project manager before submitting to the client.

This complex procedure is in place to ensure the consistency and accuracy of every document. Your projects are our mission; your pursuit for perfection is our duty.


24/7/365 Service

By offering 24/7 services round the world, we aim to resolve problems and create value for worldwide customers with zero time difference.

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