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PTSGI brings more than 50 years of translation resource management experience to the table, and has built up a pool of 10,000+ translators worldwide.

In order to provide world-class translation services, we use our proprietary GTAIS intelligent case management system and AI big data intelligent software to provide efficient and high-quality services with zero time lag to clients around the globe.



  • Technical writing team
  • Automotive translation team
  • Game localization team
  • Medical translation team
  • IT translation team
  • Patent translation team
  • Cosmetics translation team
  • Finance translation team
  • Electrical engineering translation team
  • Public construction translation team
  • Legal translation team

Worldwide translation team


Over the years, PTSGI has built up a global network of in-country translators that works seamlessly with the in-house translators in our headquarters and branches to guarantee top quality translations.


Accredited by international translation organization


Authoritative certifications underpin our brand.

We have certifications and accreditations from well known translation associations worldwide which guarantee our translation quality.

Quality-assured services worldwide


We have served hundreds of thousands of clients to date.

From individuals to multinational companies, highly experienced and dedicated for professional service.

With high-quality standard operating procedures in place for translations, PTSGI meets ISO 17100 quality management system and follows ISO 9001international standard operating specifications for translations.